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  • Certificate in Engineering Technology (L4)



    TWO OR ALL 3.

    The courses offered from this certificate programme aim to provide a good grounding in all things engineering!

    Engineering Fundamentals
    Civil engineering planning
    Highway construction

    The Certificate courses give a good foundation for further engineering studies at Level 5 and 6:

    NZ Diploma in Engineering (Civil).

    Graduates of this Programme may be employed in the civil engineering industry in various roles such as engineering cadet, worksite team leader and assistant project engineer.

    Courses can be credited towards the New Zealand Diploma in engineering*.

    * Conditions apply.
    ** Students must complete the 4 courses minimum to be awarded Certificate in Engineering Technology.


    Back to Basics - Engineering Fundamentals
    To introduce the basic fundamentals of a range of engineering disciplines.

    Get your Geek On - Technical Literacy
    To develop technical research skills along with oral, written, graphical and interpersonal communication skills.

    Smash the Math - Intro to Maths
    To demonstrate knowledge and understanding introductory level Engineering Maths.

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  • Upskill now with New Zealand Institute of
    Highway Technology (NZIHT)

    NZIHT offers online and block courses throughout New Zealand, we set the standard for training in the civil engineering industry.

    Study Options for July include:

    Level 4 Certificate in Engineering Technology

    Level 6 New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Civil)

    Level 6 Diploma in Engineering Technology (Highways)

    Level 7 Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Highways)

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    Courses start 20 July. Don’t delay - your future is waiting!


    Dublin Accord status for NZ Diploma in Engineering (Civil)

    Dublin Accord Award

    NZIHT is currently one of only two Institutes to be granted full accreditation by the Institute of Professional Engineers (IPENZ). This means that from 2013 NZIHT graduates of the NZ Diploma in Engineering (Civil) can now take their qualification to the UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, USA, Australia and Korea and it will be recognised in any one of these Dublin Accord member countries as being substantially equivalent to that of the other members.

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  • Pathways to qualification

    The following study programmes provide opportunities to become qualified in the civil, mechanical, electrical and roading industries:

    Certificate in Engineering Technology

    Diploma in Engineering Technology (Highways)

    NZ Diploma in Engineering

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  • Further opportunities

    Any student who has completed, or is currently studying towards the New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Civil), either holds, or is on the way to holding, a qualification which is well-regarded by industry.

    If you are currently working in civil engineering you can now take your career to the next level through recognition of your practical, applied skills.

    Why not consider the New Zealand Diploma in Engineering Practice (NZDEP)?

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